Bronx, NY

Textile Arts, Sculpture, Installation Art

My artistic practice centers around the themes of mixed blood, and the body as a consequence of duality and thousands of generations of conflicting story. The European and Indigenous blood, the lines of red from those who have conquered and for those who have been the bounty of conquest, birth a new creation. Mammal skulls, living plants, fiber, and textiles is at the center of my work and a manifestation of a journey to find home and create a narrative focused on reclaiming memory. I am inspired by craft studies and connecting with the past is manifested in my pursuit to be continuously learning new methods and processes rooted in a traditional approach. My desire to create does not come solely from own person, but the passing of blood memory from one generation to the next and my desire to quell the heat that lies beneath the surface of my skin. I feel my ghosts and use them to tell my stories, so that I may understand how to speak the truths of my ancestors and create work that manifests their voices back into existence.


M.E. Guadalupe Rubi is a maker, a Roundabout Theatre teaching artist, rogue taxidermist, and fiber artist of Latin and Metis descent. This past year, she was the recipient of the Traditional Craft Mentorship in Fiber at John C. Campbell Folk School. She is the Lead Curator for Triple 9 Arts, a DIY arts collective dedicated to supporting NYC artists. She is a proud member of the Mid-Atlantic Fiber Association and Crafting the Future and is a recipient of a 2021 City Corps Artist Grant for her solo exhibition, 'Spirit Sees Red' at the Queens Botanical Garden. This Spring, she will be assisting Erika Diamond at the Penland School of Craft for a course concentration in creating anatomical fiber armatures. Her most recent work, 'Memory Quilt', is currently on display at the Plaxall Gallery at Culture Lab LIC for the show, 'Other Ways of Seeing'-Alternative Processes in Photography.