Tarra Louis-Charles is a Haitian-American artist and certified Reiki practitioner currently living in Charlotte, NC. Having lived a very nomadic lifestyle, she has had a rich life filled to the brim with myriad ways of living. It is these influences that feed the eccentric soul behind her work.

Tarra’s paintings explore the female form within the context of emotional vulnerability, wrapped in the bold contrast of a Caribbean-inspired color palette.

Raised by quirky, and mysterious women, she has always been drawn to eclectic personalities. As she grew up, she understood how these women had become a part of her, how her artwork exhumes the essence of these women. Understanding this instilled within her a sense of self-love and appreciation, as she loved and appreciated the women. It is this self-love she perpetuates within her art work, because love for self naturally evolves into love for others.

As she branched out and became skilled in other crafts, she inevitably found a way to marry art and fashion. After all, fashion is simply another form of expression, and she has many different sides of herself she wants to express. Tarra figures that she can create many pieces for the multitude of personalities she had grown to know and love throughout her childhood. With her wearable pieces, she hopes to validate and allow other women to express themselves as they are. Because of the therapeutic value this work holds for her, each piece is infused with Reiki to inspire good energy within the one who wears it.