Roberto Ferreira
New York, NY, USA


Studio Arts


Sculpture, painting, screen printing and photography

Roberto Ferreira is a process-based artist who creates objects of experiential nature using organic dyes, fruits or natural materials found in nature. Implementing multidisciplinary techniques, the artist takes decay as a point of departure, not as an end in itself. Using scientific methods and experimentation, he explores acidity, contradiction and autonomy. His creative process is rudimentary. Inadvertently, form is deformed and transformed by the introduction of new possibilities. Construction and deconstruction are symbiotic, a constant in his philosophical investigations. Light is ominous. Olfaction represents the invisible and reinforces the contradiction of what the eye sees and what the nose knows. The work is not about death, but a poem to celebrate life. If art imitates life, then the objects become transient. Roberto has been living in the Bronx for 29 years and is currently enrolled in the M.F.A. Studio Arts Program at City College. He was the recipient of the Fitzgerald-Binoe Scholarship, the Meritorious Progress Award and the Liquitex Student Exchange program.

Roberto Ferreira was born in the Dominican Republic in 1975. His family migrated to New York in 1989 and has been a resident of the Bronx for 29 years. He initiated his artistic studies at The City College of New York in 1995. In the year 2000, he transferred to The Fashion Institute of Technology where he studied Communication Design. Pursuing a more concrete practice, he continued his studies with emphasis on painting and drawing at The Art Students League of New York under the tutelage of Henry Finkelstein, Ephraim Rubenstein and Frank O’Cain. He is a multidisciplinary visual artist. Experimentation and innovation are at the core of his creative process and practice. The body of his work consists mostly of paintings, drawings and photography. Other technical explorations include archival photographic processes, silk screening, assemblage and graphic design. His work explores conflict, contradiction, the human condition and decay. Roberto has participated in numerous collective shows in New York City, among them at The City College, Fashion Institute of Technology, The National Arts Club, Galaxy D’Art gallery, 20/20 Gallery, Trazarte Huellas Creativas, Fundación Dominicana Culturarte, The Arts Students League of New York, Comisionado Dominicano de Cultura, Boricua College, The Yoga Center, The Affirmation Studio, The Bronx Library Center and International Print Center. At City College, he was the recipient of The Fitzgerald Binoe Scholarship and winner of The Liquitex Student Exchange Program Award. He graduated from The City College of New York in 2018, B.A. in Studio Arts, and is currently part of the M.F.A. program in Studio Arts at The City College.


oberto ferreira