Creative Discipline:
Painting, Illustration

Primary Medium(s):

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Artist Statement
I am an art lover making art for art lovers. Art is my primary means of connecting and communicating with people across race, nationality, language, age, gender and more.

Artist Biography:
Reginald Rousseau, is a Haitian-born and Harlem-made & based working artist and the founder of the Underground Gallery, an alternative art space which serves as his art studio, project & exhibiting space. He has spent the last 10 years, creating, exhibiting and selling his works in the street, his studio, coffee shops and community spaces. Today, while his raw & bold semi-abstract, Afro-American-Caribbean culturally charged expressions, may not yet, be known in the conventional and or the mainstream art circles. He has achieved substantial success in the underground art scene with both new and seasoned art collectors seeking new, quality, exciting and affordable works with great investment potential. His comprehensive body of work, to includes a medley of portraiture, figure and mask paintings, can be viewed in relation to contemporary culture, shared history or in relation to racial, social, political and spiritual context or purely on aesthetic values.



New York, NY