Red Sagalow

New York, NY, USA

Sculpture, printmaking

My art examines the historical and contemporary roles that women are assigned. I bridge the past with the present, fabricating a visual language of images by combining personal experience with global issues that connect us. Through original textiles using silkscreen and incorporating hand drawn images and text on the fabric; using the resulting fabric to create art objects allows my textiles to become something larger than a piece of cloth. I am proud to carry on a long tradition of fiber arts from the women in my family, and women throughout the world as well as ceramics which is also considered a “feminine” art form. Working in these mediums to create fine art builds a bridge between women past to present. My work explores women as objects using furniture and the human form merged. For example, a chair is a place of comfort, enjoyment, and relaxation, or an indicator for complacency and inaction. The chair addresses the ways society has been complacent, how it has treated women, and the struggle women engage in to create change. By merging my work with this type of emblem, I explore the action that can be taken towards equality and the inaction. This creates a duality and a trapped moment in time with an uncertain future. My desire to focus on these themes grew out of my own experiences. Being told my entire life that my voice is strident, I’m too intimidating, and should change how I take up space in the world has reinforced my need to continue to fight against these influences telling me to stop speaking out and standing up. Being able to process these experiences through my work helps me shift the social narratives that have been a limiting factor for women all over the world.

I am a New York based artist and recent graduate from The City College of New York with an MFA. I have shown in Los Angeles, Phoenix, and New York. My largest solo show to date was in 2018 at Soka University of America gallery in the Los Angeles area. This year marked a new departure into sculptural work with my show, Sit With Me. Most recently my work can be found in IPCNY gallery’s show, Homebody: New Prints 2020/Winter. Most recent awards for my art are from the Graduate Symposium at City College with scholarships throughout my program.