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Peter Perry is an NYC native artist, designer, and fabricator producing sculptures, furniture, paintings, works on paper, sets, and props. He renders a wide variety of objects and imagery allowing for an extensive and diverse set of processes and tools. His works are the amalgamation of these processes- becoming one discipline. Tools start to intersect practices and begin to resemble each other. So why not use a welding electrode like a stick of charcoal or a saw like a palette knife? Peter’s first medium was oil, he has pivoted into metallurgy and 3-dimensional forms. Inertia is a body of steelworks. The original concept came from melting straws to make maquettes and blossomed into a way for people to have affordable sculptures in their homes. Inertia is the relationship between the ever-present force of gravity and the strength/limitations of steel. This series represents the struggles of one's personal life, the turmoils in the world, and the growth and resilience people can harvest within themselves. Quantum is inspired by an 81-hour train ride across America in 2014. Influenced by Live Photos, Einstein’s ‘Theory of Special Relativity, and Mr. Perry’s fabrication experience. Peter works with an assortment of materials, machines, and mechanisms, to conduct thought experiments. Live Photos are unique because they capture and present a moment and multiple moments simultaneously resembling quantum mechanics. Quantum aims to render light captured by an iPhone through sculptural works. He refracts light through glass and acrylic mimicking the stillness and dynamic movement recorded by the lens in an attempt to view photons as waves and particles simultaneously. He also uses saws to draw out images, extending their space-time and imitating candid photos. Mr. Perry observes his interactions with matter and archives his romantic response.


Being a Black NYC native opportunities are limited; employers are discriminatory and the cards are often stacked against me. I give myself an advantage through his ever-expanding skill set. Growing up in the inner city, my mind was molded to think I was lazy, skillless, and unimportant to society. I thought this way until I was around 26; this was when I started working in fabrication, and I fell in love! The skills and knowledge I gained through hard work and determination profoundly changed my outlook on myself, showing myself my worth and destroying societal preconceived notions of a Black man. I design, prototype, fabricates, and install commissioned handcrafted furniture, home goods, and sculptures. Through my practice and 9 years in the fabrication industry, I’ve worked with/is working with/commissioned by Talya Brott, Tiffany Perry, Ivan Forde, Sonia Louise Davis, Pap Kebe, Marcus Manganni, Asif Mian x Queens Museum, Art Domantay, Mo Kong x Queens Museum, Tomas Saraceno, Hugh Hayden, Pamela Council, Leo Villareal, Google, KAWS x Dior, Fenty x Puma, Maiyet, Marchesa Dinner X Kate Holmes 2014, Morris Adjmi Architects, Jack Daniels, Neighborhood Watch, Random Acts of Flyness (HBO), MET Gala 2013 & 2014, Game of Thrones, Facebook, Sak’s Fifth Ave, PowerHouse Arts, Prada, Tibi, ATM, Gaggenau, Nike, Hilton Hotels, Dizon, Tommy Hilfiger, Netflix, Citi Field (The M.E.T.S.), Delta Airlines, Bergdorf Goodman, Samsung, Raul Avila Inc, Julia Testa Designs, The Shed, Industry City, the list keeps growing.

Peter Perry