Bronx, NY

Creative Discipline:
Muliti-discipline Visual Artist

Primary Medium(s):
painting, digital illustration and printing

Artist Statement
I think of my work as Spiritual Pop Art. I utilizes popular culture imagery and infuses it with spiritual symbolism. My aim is to connect the ancient with the future beautifully."

Artist Biography:
Noble is a multi-disciplined international artist. His original designs took him across the world as a featured artist at “WU-Lab” exhibition in Paris, Spring 2017. With his bachelor’s degree in Studio Art from Lehman College, it allowed him to create comfortably in multiple mediums such as: screen printing, sculpture, video editing/production, photography, computer animation, painting, drawing, stencils and collage. Noble thinks of his works as Spiritual Pop Art. He utilizes popular culture imagery then infuses it with spiritual symbols. His aim is to connect the ancient with the future beautifully. He has accomplished this with his iconic Biggie Buddha digital illustration that has immortalized Rap Legend Biggie Smalls as a Buddha. He pulls from history, comics, mythology, science fiction, music, and religion to create harmony between juxtaposed imagery. All together, Noble embodies the true spirit of an Artist and his abilities go beyond the visual arts. He is also highly proficient in the Martial Arts (3rd degree black belt), Culinary Arts (more than 20 years’ experience) and is now embarking on the Healing Arts as Reiki practitioner 2.