Accra, Ghana


​Everyone has the potential to be an artist but it takes constant practice and the artistic spirit (the ability not to give up as artist) to unearth that potential. Conceptually a circle might mean a triangle and vice versa. Contemporarily, an artist should make the conscious effort to convey whatever information he or she want to convey, but should give him or herself and the medium that chance to unearth the artist in him or her. In the quest to experiment and do something new but old, I ended up basically depicting the unseen and hidden yet known part of society on to the canvas. I am basically working with hibiscus flower juice popularly known as sobolo, bissap, wonjo, folèrè, dabileni, tsobo, zobo, or Roselle juice mixed with coffee drink and other herbs to paint and bring the unseen and hidden yet known part of society into the exhibition space. My works compare and speaks about class co-dependency in society. It quite normal for an artist to paint with anything but the concept behind the work must speak more about itself. “I am because you are and you because of me” (Ubuntu), the spirit of togetherness must be alive for us all to see.


Nii Shippie Afotey Albert (born 1995) is a young contemporary artist of all discipline but basically working with hibiscus flower, coffee and other African locally made juice or herbs to depict and talk about class co-dependency in society. He is a graduate from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) read painting and sculpture, he resides and works in Accra-Nungua. His dream is to contribute immensely to the contemporary art of his time and the art world at large.


Natural herbs on canvas