1) What is your ethnicity?

I’m Black but but to be more specific I’m Afro- Trinidadian.

2) What is your mediums(s) of choice?

My medium of choice is Comic book art / American pop art.

3) What scale/ dimensions do you usually work in? 

The scale I usually work in is 11“x17“ inches or 8 1/2“ x11“ inches.

4) How old were you when you began creating?

I’ve been drawing ever since I was 5 years old.

5) What were some of your earliest inspirations?

Some of my earliest inspirations were Saturday morning cartoons like He-Man, Thunder-Cats, Brave-Star, G.I Joe, etc. Not forgetting to mention the countless number of action figures and coloring books my Mother bought my brother and I as kids.

6) Who are some of your favorite visual artists?

I love Sci fiction movies so my favorite visual artist are the directors that directed sci fi classic. Steven Spielberg, George Lucus and James Camron just to name a few.  As for comics I love Jim Lee, Greg Capullo and Jack Kirby.

7) What are some of the consistent themes in your work and please describe them?

Some of the consistent themes in my art work are Sci fi and alot of human figures in motion. Seeing that I draw comics which are like story boards for movies drawing that type of stuff tend to be prominent in alot of my work.

8) Are there any other art forms such as music, dance, acting, culinary arts, or other

I love Alternative Rock and Hip Hop music and some times I come up with ideas for rock and hip hop songs. I would do a lot of song writing when I was younger but these days I’m so busy with drawing comics, I don’t get time to write music...the ideas keep coming though. I also like to cook Caribbean food.

9) Name 3 of your biggest accomplishment in your artistic career?

Three of my biggest accomplishments in my artist career is my comic book series Ant Hill I did over four Hundred and eight pages of art in that book and then my other books like Gun, Yin Yang Gang and The Guardians. Then there is my early music recordings I did and posted on you tube, the third accomplishment is the 15 sec Ant Hill cartoon I did also on you tube.

10) What purpose does your art serve for the viewer? 

I really don’t know what purpose my art serves for each viewer but I would like when people view my art that they get inspired by the detail and action poses. I hope they use their imagination to visualize the movement of the poses like a action scene out of a movie or really cool animation.

11) Do you think it is important for (a) the viewer to have a subjective experience with your work or (b) to know and take the artist’s point of view into account to appreciate your work.

I’m not selfish with my art so if some one loves my work but loves it for a reason that I’m unaware of, so be it. Although when I create art I would love the viewer to see some of what I was thinking or feeling when I created it.

12) would you consider yourself a relativist when it comes to art appreciation? 

I use my art to explain how I feel about the world around me so I’m a socially conscious artist . When I created one of my first comic books entitled G.U.N I was trying to make a statement about how I felt about law enforcement discriminating against minorities at the time.When I first move to upstate New York I felt like I was getting targeted by the police I would get pulled over a lot for minor stuff then they would make these skeptical remarks when asking for my paperwork. So the first time you see Gun in the book he had the words “F” the police spray painted on his chest so I guess I’m a art activist too. lol

16) Please name 3 tangible goals you seek to accomplish in your artistic career

1. Make art my only means of income.

2. Make my fan base and portfolio bigger.

3. Make  a film or cartoon out of my books.