Bellerose, NY 11426

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Primary Medium(s):
Photography/ Installation

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Artist Statement
The transformative influence memory has on identity is a key theme in my work. The camera acts as a primary tool for retaining and interpreting memories. A process-oriented photographer, my work is a combination of digital, analog and alternative process photography. As an American citizen who arrived to this country as an immigrant, it is crucial for me to capture memories and to narrate lost time visually through photography. This stems from my efforts to revive discarded and forgotten objects from my family's past. These impulses influence my work as an experimental photographer: my portrayal of photography breaks free of the black frame and border and morphs into an object, inviting the viewer to interact.

Artist Biography:
Natali Sabina Bravo-Barbee (born, Córdoba, Argentina) creates works at the boundary of photography and sculpture. Bravo-Barbee has been photographing her world since the age of fifteen, incorporating alternative processes such as cyanotype into her practice.​The artist's practice uncovers lived memories ​of her family's flight from Argentina while simultaneously investigating post-colonial and feminist topics. Bravo-Barbee holds an MFA from City College, CUNY and a BA, Studio Art from Hunter College, CUNY​. She ​lives and works in Queens, New York and is on the committee of the Southeast Queens Artist Alliance (SEQAA).

Natali S. Barbee’s Photography

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