Quilling Paper Art | Henna Body Artist

Paper, Mixed Media, Henna


My process of inquiry focuses on my relationship to the line as aesthetic. Sprouting from the foundation of unhealthy forms of catharsis, my art evolved from arbitrary, overlapping scores, into delicate and mindful designs on paper and skin. As I honed my skill and etched my own style that reflected my love for my Caribbean home, an eclectic oeuvre began to emerge. I was struck by how the intent behind two different lines, could change the trajectory into either destructive or constructive creative expression. I began experimenting and translating my henna body designs into different mediums such as paper, icing, and paint. What has blossomed from this experimentation is an acute interest in the art of quilling – a paper art form where lines are drawn with paper. The process became a ritualization of sorts – where turning to the line as a tool for focused and mindful catharsis took precedence. My attempt continues to be to bridge the gap and navigate the fine line between the battle of the human condition – especially as an artist – and the struggle to find and emanate peace and joy through my work, one mindful stroke and placement at a time.

Instagram- | @sahfyhr


Stone Mountain, Georgia, USA | Trinidad and Tobago