Melissa Godoy Nieto

                        Brooklyn, NYC


Visual Artist

Drawing, painting, textile, installation, and performance.

Melissa Godoy Nieto is an artist with a diverse practice that includes drawing, painting, textile, installation, and performance. Melissa’s narratives are representative of her wandering life and her insatiable curiosity. Her research-based process has taken her to explore themes of the subconscious, identity, adaptation, transformation, and environmental stewardship. In her work she reflects on the relationship between culture and environment, investigating the human experience connected to the natural world. Combining abstract and representational work, she uses imagery permeated with social, political, and environmental matters.


Melissa Godoy Nieto was born and raised in Culiacan and Tijuana, Mexico. In 2013 she immigrated to the U.S. and moved to Brooklyn, NY were she studied and graduated with a Bachelor's Degree from Pratt Institute. Godoy Nieto has exhibited and performed in Black Mountain College ReVIEWING in Asheville NC, Spring/Break Art Show NYC and Los Angeles, BAM NYC Art Auction, Salon ACME Mexico City, BRIC House NYC, Knockdown Center NYC, Pictoplasma Berlin Germany, The NARS Foundation NYC, MARCO Museum of Contemporary Art Monterrey Mexico, Espronceda Center for Art and Culture Barcelona, and Musée Régional d’art Contemporain Sérignan, France. She is currently based in New York City, and Oaxaca Mexico. Besides making art, Melissa loves surfing, scuba diving, dancing, and drinking tea.