Mari Nagem

​      Brooklyn, NYC


Visual Arts

Mixed medias, installation, painting, sculpture

I carefully perceive our time embedded in technological development, where the contradictions between natural and artificial, physical and digital, intuition and rationalism, are combined in my process with the use of strong colors and thoroughly selected titles, bringing a sense of irreverence to the works. Within a metaphorical approach, I combine mediums - paintings, digital experiments, objects in an austere way - to create installations that re-interpret our relation with natural and cultural phenomenons. Working with the agency of spaces and perception, I decode the frames, borders and screens that mediate our experience with the world.


Mari Nagem is a Brazilian transdisciplinary artist based in Brooklyn. Last year, Mari Nagem was awarded first place at the Marcantonio Vilaça Prize from the Brazilian National Foundation for the Arts and the Ox-Bow Program Fellowship (US). She exhibited at the Bienal Sur at the Museum of Contemporary Art of Rosário (AR) and at the Bienal of Digital Art at the Cultural Center of São Paulo (BR). She has exhibited at institutions such as SESC (BR), Museum of Image and Sound (BR), Sea Foundation (NL) and participated in festivals such as Die Digitale Dusseldorf (GE), Athens Art Festival (GR), CineOP, FILE, among others. She integrated several residences in Brazil, Uruguay and Germany. Graduated from the University of Minas Gerais, she has an MFA from the Haute École d'Art et Design de Genéve (CH).