Deeply influenced by Carl Jung, I am interested in our ability to archive an incredible amount of data perceived with our five senses in subconscious mind. They are memories, images, sounds, thoughts, feelings and more, no longer a particular single image or memory but all mingled without boundary of time. My work is to capture those fragments into “Emotional Landscape” in abstract manner. Landscape shaped by the natural phenomena, such as erosion by wind and water – those process and movements are the inspiration for my work. The movements also resonates with the mingled emotions in my subconscious mind I try to express. Fluid paints and drawings indicate the movements and colors are built in layers as to reconstruct the landscape. My recent series “Haganfusui – 葉岩風水: element of plant, rock, wind and water incorporated in the abstraction” is the paintings consist of line drawing of plants collaged onto abstract painting. Plants are drawn on semi-transparent Mylar and completely flat over the energetically flowing abstraction. The contrast of plant drawing and painting is to suggest the lively essence of the plant is extracted and exploded as abstract expression of the natural elements.

Kayo Albert was born in Hyogo, Japan. After graduating from college in Kyoto, she came to New York to study painting at Art Student League, New York Studio School and School of Visual Arts. She is actively creating and exhibiting her work in New York. Member since 2014, Con Artist Collective has been her hub for collaboration, exchanging ideas and inspiring with other fellow artists. Her work has been exhibited at Govenor’s Island, Walter Wickiser Gallery, One Art Space, Site:Brooklyn, 440 Gallery (2018), Plaxall Gallery, Tenri Gallery, Denise Bibro Gallery, WAH Center and St. Paul the Apostle Church (2019) in New York. 



Kayo Shido

Kew Gardens, NY, USA