Brooklyn, NY



Film, Media, Exhibition, Theater, Performance, Painting, Digital Tech


Some people feel very strongly about art–specifically film/theater/media being functional vessels of escapism. they seek to go and be engulfed in a fictional world for a period of time rather than deal with the dread of living. my art looks to pick at reality, like a scab, to flesh out fleshiness and explore critically unexplored territories. my art, whether film or theater or any other form of media i use to create, has a rhythm, a heartbeat to underscore each piece with the use of the critical, the unsettling, and always challenging realities and imagined worlds through visual minimums or somewheres in-between or even put together realities with the minimum, this art-making looks to blur the line, or rather, destroy the line between any binary, because most things are far more complex and that is what i look to engage with, and always from a radically active lens…my art is blackness, it is media and music and melancholy. It is film, work and play. sustainability has come up in my artwork in grad school in a new light, similarly to the performance artist side. I am motivated by resistance. I like to be the last person standing. I like working collaboratively to ensure that everyone is on the same page. I must be active, progressing and never ceasing to engage the work to ensure a sustainable future we should all see. My lens for my art is queer, black, disabled, and sustainable.

JNK Enzo (they/ze) is a non-binary, queer, trans-anti-disciplinary artist from Cleveland, Ohio. Ze are a trained actor, director, and screenwriter and works in the mediums of performance, film production, painting, video, photography, digital technologies, and new media arts. Enzo holds an MFA in Performance and Interactive Media Arts, BA in Theater and BA in Film Production. Enzo's most recent works are on flesh, capital, sustainability, and disability in PH-@-L3$H (flesh) shown at Artes Mota Galiza, & Galleria Geraldes da Silva in Porto, Portugal & what t**y won’t do is…aka mygreenhome which was shown at Art Bazaar at Pragovka Gallery in Prague, Czech Republic. This work is through sustainability and accessibility, combating poverty, famine, and climate change in the Czech Republic building a solar powered aquaponic garden.