Jasmine Murrell

            Brooklyn, NY




I am an interdisciplinary artist making work about miracles, miracles that happen in the worst of times and in the most invisible places. I primarily explore the relationship between human society and the natural world. Whether I am using thread and found objects, soil or photography, my art blurs the line between history and mythology. I am primarily inspired by the indomitable spirit, humor, and inventiveness of my diasporic African community - surviving, striving against powerful, seemingly insurmountable forces, has resulted in the miraculous. I want to give the viewer/explorer/performer another vision or experience of mundane objects, or the dirt beneath our feet another life. I strive to create work that feels like being somewhere beyond this planet while still being a part of this planet. My multimedia installation invites viewers to interact with living sculptures. Soil is used as a medium to conjure modern and ancient interspecies communication as a method for healing, insight and community gatherings.


​Jasmine Murrell is a Brooklyn-based interdisciplinary visual artist who employs several different mediums to create sculptures, installations, photography, performance, land art, and films that are both futuristic and ancient. She has collaborated with various local and global communities to construct sustainable art systems that not only empower but also bring joy and play through a cross-generational interactive experience. She has exhibited nationally and internationally, in venues such as the Museum of Contemporary Art; the Bronx Museum; the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago; the Whitney Museum, the African-American Museum of Art, and the International Museum of Photography. Murrell has been a resident artist at the Bronx Museum AIM program; Baxter St. Gallery workspace; BRIClab contemporary art residency and Block Gallery workspace. Her work has been included in the book MFON: Women Photographers of the African Diaspora, and The New York Times, Time Magazine, Hyperallergic, The Detroit Times and several other publications.