New York , NY


Mixed Media

It is my belief that artwork, a place of intersection and metaphors, is not an isolated event but explores concepts that can exemplify a way of thinking, living, and working. The practice of art may have started as a ritual but with time artwork has developed roots in science, literature, and philosophy. Investigating questions of identity, reality, fantasy, and, both the objective and the subjective, opens up for me the possibility of working between fiction and reality. In my artwork, allegory is implied; this means that when creating art, I use the same elements as working in poetry: the use of references but at the same time the exercise of both metonymy and metaphor in a re-invention of a new meaning. My practice is a mindset of contradictions, allowing me to access both the logical and the irrational. 

Graciela Cassel was born in Argentina and currently lives in New York. She earned an MA in Studio Art from New York University and received an MFA from School of Visual Arts. Cassel recently presented her installations at Museo del Barrio, Sothebys and BRAC. Her videos received international awards and were screened in more than fifty international festivals. Rivers received the NYC Queens Arts Fund in 2016. She recently received another Award Grant NYC form Queens Arts Fund in 2020 for her next project : “Crossing Rivers”. Citylife II was selected in twenty festivals. In 2019 Citytlife II recently received: Best Experimental Picture and Best Sound design awards in Milan, Barcelona and London.