From auto mechanic and racer to artist - faster than an Indianapolis race car - colorful and vibrant images that slow the mind to a snail’s pace to take in abstract life experiences is the hallmark of a young budding artist Enyinnaya Ogbaugu.

Born in Nigeria, Enyinnaya came to America in 1996, studied auto mechanics and immersed himself into racing and making things go faster and faster. As with many famous and well known artists, a traumatic life experience brought out his innate artist talent. For years he would sketch images on “post its” to distract himself from his everyday work environment and allow himself a sense of peace. He soon realized that the sketch’s themselves, while allowing him a sense of peace were acting like the smoldering lava in a live but inactive volcano.

Now after 2 years of painting, allowing him to freely express without distractions, he is creating vibrant and colorful images that he describes as his way of showing love and demonstrating a joy of life one has when the yoke of oppression and abuse is lifted from the body and soul.

While discovering his talents and interests in painting he immersed himself in music creating sounds and melodies on the keyboard. As fate would have it - or maybe divine luck - his computer died and he had to turn to other means of expressing himself. Through creating and painting, thus “the artist is born”.

With the encouragement of mentors like Enga Dube owner of The Driftwood Gallery in Peekskill NY and select family and friends his work appeared at a small gallery in Peekskill which itself was experiencing a renaissance of artistic activity. This lead to a chance meeting artist Wilfredo Morel who immediately recognized Enyinnaya’s talents and featured him in an Open Studio 2014 where he received critical acclaim.

Soon Enyinnaya had another showing in Hugos Restaurant, followed by his hometown of Yonkers at the Bluedoor Gallery and then a 3 piece presentation at the famous Gateway Art Center on 43rd and 5th Av in Manhattan NYC.

Now working closely with Alexander Mgmt Enyinnaya Ogbaugu is bringing his unique brand of acting, modeling, stunt work, and visual art to light!

When not pursuing his artist endeavors he enjoys the vitality and energy of his greatest achievement, his son.