In my photographic practice, I have always sought after the things which make us human and the belief that despite our individuality, we are all connected. We share in our search for joy and fulfillment. We may also have similar dreams, fears, we experience pain, confusion and even emptiness. The human experience is not always a happy one. However, these experiences and the feelings associated with them are not usually spoken of. With my work I want people to reflect on their own experiences and that these things are a crucial part of our human existence. Understanding, accepting these things can lead to a more wholesome relationship with ourselves and with the world we live in. With the creation of physical work, I am not restricted by the 2 dimensions. I can explore more conceptual ideas and make work that people can physically interact with. This form of engagement with the audience is a very different space where people not only engage with the work, they also engage with one another. It becomes a shared experience, a safe space. 

Enrique is a Mexican born artist living in New York City. Primarily working with analog photography due to its physical nature and highly involved process, his work is mostly personal, thoughtful and emotive. Through photography, he explores what makes humans unique but also unifies them, and his evolving understanding of himself as an individual and as an artist. His work has been included in various group shows across the country. Enrique also volunteers with different non-profit organizations to promote photography as an art form and not just a commercial medium. 



Corona, NY