Franklin Park, NJ, USA

Creative Discipline:
Paper Art

Primary Medium(s):
Handmade Paper

Website URL:

Artist Statement
My work is focused on the balance between the minute and the infinite, and in particular such cases that I encounter in nature. It is within this context that I break down my subject to its most fundamental elements in order to then reconstruct my own conceptualization of the object, emotion, or scenery in focus. This process and the results are not necessarily about understanding a concept directly, but rather revealing and interpreting an unfolding experience without any preconceived notions of space, scale, or any other subjective relations to cloud the way. At key points, while striving along this intense path toward personal knowing and internalization, I step back to record the essence of the experience in my work, formalizing a personal account to subsequently share with the broader audience in hopes of catalyzing their own journeys.

Artist Biography:
Emily Duong is an artist, born and raised in Queens, New York. She focuses on papermaking and printmaking. Emily also serves as the Bulletin Editor on the committee of IAPMA (International Association of Hand Papermakers and Paper Artists).