Photography, Film, New Media





Brooklyn, NY


I use photography, film and new media to focus on the complex duality that forms in the identities of latinx immigrants living in New York City. I explore notions of family, home and sense of belonging, which become ambiguous in this new environment. The simultaneous feeling of being neither here nor there opens up a conversation on how to visualize being in a third space that we create on a daily basis, and that shapes our diasporic identities. My work looks for accessibility in art making. It signifies a practice where the notions of artist and subject become interchangeable. There is no master and no power misbalance of who has the knowledge or right to make it, but rather a search for connection and unity. I encounter others to become art in a moment of coalition. We search to feel, think and make in a bracket of time and space. We aim to recognize the force of our own lives while seeing and listening in the outside. We become closer to form at the same pace of hearing our voices become louder. 


Diana Guerra is a photographer, filmmaker and new media artist from Lima, Peru who is currently based in New York. She holds an MFA in Digital and Interdisciplinary Art Practice from the City College of New York and a Bachelor degree in Sociology from the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru. Guerra’s early training in photography was at Parsons School of Design as part of the MFA Photography and New Media program. Guerra’s work has been exhibited and published in Italy, Argentina, Hungary and New York. Her work has appeared in Photoville, Humble Arts Foundation, The Journal of New and New Media Photography, among others. Guerra was the first-place MFA winner of the Connor Merit Award at The City College of New York in 2020.