Lindenhurst, NY, US

Visual Artist

Mixed Media Sculpture/Installation

When I was a child, what I desired more than anything was windows. Upon exiting my overcrowded basement home, the borrowed hug from the rays of the sun was worth more than any toy I could scribble onto a gift list. Stemming from my scant upbringing, I assemble repurposed objects in the form of sculpture and installation. I use art as a tool of resistance and to bring forth my ancestral tongue as a child of immigrants. Like the trash rummaging of the houseless folks that inspire me, my hands translate a voice of the low-income class. With a visual narrative directly influenced by community, these crafted objects become the window to telling our story.

Christy Bencosme (b. 1992) is a Dominican-American artist from Jamaica, Queens. Creating art to initiate a visual conversation with others, her goal is to provide the opportunity to ask ourselves questions of social progress. She uses discarded and low-cost material to create socio-political works and often installs them directly on the street. Via a practice where the relationship to the material leads the trajectory of the work, there is a harmony between conceptualism and visual storytelling. Christy graduated from The School of Visual Arts with a BFA in Fine Arts in 2017 and is currently an MFA candidate at Queens College with a concentration in Social Practice Art.