Christy Ayala surrealism artwork is inspired by her journey that conveys a message of love and pain, and personal growth. Painting helped her to create a world of her own. A world where she can express her most personal feelings. Nature is also a big inspiration for her art, it represents life and love. "No matter how bad the storm, love will sprout again" Her work has been exhibited in group exhibitions and galleries throughout New York City, Miami, Florida and Washington, DC.

Christy Ayala is a vivacious, self-taught, Latina artist born in Harlem, New York and raised in the Bronx, New York. Her artwork is inspired by personal experience that conveys a message of love and pain, as well as an interpretation of her surrounding environment. Christy is a visual artist that creates her unique urban, surrealist, abstract pieces using acrylic paint. She is open to many creative paths such as, graphic design, drawing, painting, and any types of art form that allows her to create new and unique works of art. Co-founder of Fantasy In Color; Fantasy in Color is an artist collective network founded by Rob Ayala. We facilitate and coordinate creative events and experiences for local artists. Our mission is to create a network of local artistry to band together on projects and bring the arts back into our communities. We believe everyone has the ability to create and that we need to have a community in order to make a greater impact towards our collective artisty.


Christy Ayala

          Bronx, NY