Above all, I love telling stories, whether in books, films, performances, paintings, or other imaginings often merged across genres and media. Because of this love, my practice is rooted in storytelling, which may assume narrative, expressive, or conceptual modes. My storytelling projects span the analogue and the digital, as well as the many places where formats overlap. I tell stories and invite others to tell theirs, either with me or alongside me. Some of my storytelling endeavors are individual, intimate, even diaristic endeavors.

Others are collaborative, with artists such as Deniz Zeynep, Mari Pack, and John Davis serving as frequent collaborators. Sometimes the collaborations occur with larger groups through residencies or online, primarily through Quail Bell Magazine, the art and literary publication I run with Gretchen Gales and Ghia Vitale. Quail Bell Press & Productions serves as a playground for much of my process. In my offerings and provocations as an artist, I often challenge the audience's notions of what stories can be and why we do (or don't) tell them.

My personal, professional, and academic experiences related to feminism, language, folklore, environmentalism, social justice, mass media, and architecture inform my projects. Lately, I have often used storytelling to explore characters, plots, and ideas related to my mother’s native El Salvador, personal identity, and mass media. Connected is my interest in how U.S. media professionals such as my Anglo-American father portray El Salvador and how these portrayals influence Americans under the Trump administration.

In making these connections, my artwork generates further stories and questions about warfare, immigration, definitions of “whiteness” across borders, cross-cultural notions of femininity, and other matters. Other interests commonly present in my work include pedagogic theory, digital culture, family relationships, Southern history, Latin American and Francophone societies, magical realism, and nostalgia.

Christine Sloan Stoddard is a Salvadoran-American author, artist, and film/theatre-maker. She is the founder of Quail Bell Press & Productions, which recently released Her Plumage: An Anthology of Women's Writings From Quail Bell Magazine. Her single author books include Heaven is a Photograph, Naomi & The Reckoning, Desert Fox by the Sea, and other titles. She is a Visible Poetry Project filmmaker, Table Work Press award-winning playwright, and Puffin Foundation emerging artist. She was the first-ever artist-in-residence at Lenox Hill Neighborhood House in Manhattan and Brooklyn Public Library-Eastern Parkway Branch. She has also been the AIR at 1708 Gallery and Woodlawn Plantation in Virginia, Annmarie Sculpture Garden in Maryland, Laberinto Projects in El Salvador, and other venues.

Brooklyn, NY, USA

Creative writing, filmmaking, visual art

Writing & interdisciplinary art