I use paint, fabrics and transparent vinyl for paintings, wall sculptures and installations

My recent work has several iterations. At first sight they are colorful objects in themselves. They incorporate painted areas and recycled materials that contain memories both personal and collective. These works also cast colored shadows creating non-corporeal, shifting realities. I’d eventually like to find ways these non-corporeal areas of color can interact and mix, in order to showcase their subtractive nature and ultimately demonstrate that all perceived colors come from white light.

Cecilia André is a painter, from a family of Lebanese immigrants to Brazil. She currently lives and works in New York. Cecilia has a BFA and a BAE from FAAP (Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation) in Brazil. She also apprenticed with contemporary artists from “Escola Brasil:”. In the U.S., she attended a semester at the New York Studio School, and did coursework at Pratt Institute and School of Visual Arts. Cecilia participated in the first emerging artist exhibit at the MAM, the Museum of Modern Art in São Paulo. She showed at MIS - Museum of Image and Sound, the São Paulo Biennial Foundation and IAB – Brazilian Architects Institute. In 1994 and in 2003 she had solo shows at Adriana Penteado Arte Contemporânea Gallery which represented her for 17 years. In the U.S., the artist was selected in four editions of the NYC Figment Art Festival with colorful outdoor paintings and a 20-foot long installation called Macunaima Project. Three of these projects included participatory components. Cecilia had three solo shows in the US. The first curated by A.I.R. founder Kazuko Miyamoto at Gallery OneTwentyEight, more recently an in-house show curated by Nina Gomes at Parasol Projects on Rivington St. and this year Cecilia had a solo show called “Towards Light and Color” at the Plaxall Gallery where two 13' high banners filter sunlight and brought color into the space, as well as 10 other translucent hanging as well as a standing piece. Beyond NYC, city, she had three solo shows in Saint Louis, MO. She showed as well in South Orange, and has an upcoming show in Montclair, NJ. Cecilia has taught color theory at Lasar Segall Museum, painting at São Paulo Cultural Center and Equipe School in Brazil, and art and mythology at PS6 in the U.S.. She curates tours of contemporary art galleries through out New York City. At the residency at Baia dos Vermelhos in Brazil, she installed several light-capturing sculptures surrounding an open-air amphitheater in a nature preserve. This year she was elected for a mont-long residency in Amparo, SP, Brazil at Cecilia has a soft spot for her studio neighborhood of seven years ,Long Island City, where sadly the artist-filled building was just sold. She belongs to the LIC-Artist coalition and showed at The Factory, LIC as well as LIC Corner Café. She was featured in the group show Art in the Boros VI at Denise Bibro Gallery in Chelsea, representing LIC / Queens.



New York, NY, United States