Catalina Lucero

            Brooklyn, NY

Visual Arts

ink, photography, sketch, watercolor, pastel, crochet

Axis Mundi, also known as the center of the world, is a handmade tree that serves as a sacred space that invokes the connection between human and non-human. Trees have played an important role in many traditions and religions. They teach us how to connect and learn the ways of the land, the four elements, prayer and contemplation, the known and the unknown. Trees, themselves, remind us that we, ourselves, are axis mundii in any space we find ourselves in.


​​Catalina Lucero is a Mexican American mixed media artist who was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. Catalina received a AAS in Photography from SUNY Fashion Institute of Technology and a BS in Marketing from SUNY Empire State College. She is continuously inspired from observing and interacting with trees all year long. Her work brings attention to our environment, ambidexterity, colors, sounds, and stillness together. In this, she invites the viewer to engage and find new ways to reconnect with the non-human so they may participate in the world in new ways.