Sculpture, Photography, Videos


Wood, Concrete


Thoughts on the Dust. The world is collapsing into a heap of the dust. To become the dust is to be forgotten. I find values in the forgotten, the dust, and those disappearing views. I collect the dust during my process of making. Though the process always involves the unexpected, I know I have to make the dust to be the center of my work. I want everything forgotten to be remembered. To achieve this purpose, I need to research on disappearing cultures and traditions. I genuinely believe that it will bring us to the end of the world if we forget everything from our past.


Born in Dalian. Living in Hong Kong. Dying somewhere. Bowen Sai has been exploring the field of fine art in various media including photography and installations. His concept mainly focuses on one word——forgotten. Sai studied at Temple University Japan Campus (Tokyo) while travelling and living in different cities across Asia and North America. From 2017, he started his photo diary project which he refers: Memo. In the same year, The Lost View was exhibited at Contour, a group photography show taken place at Harajuku, Tokyo. Sai also works as a photographer specialized in documenting artworks and exhibitions. His clients were mainly professors and students. Sai is glad that the students are appreciating the photos he took, both diary entries and portfolio photos. 




Hong Kong