Visual Artist

In my work, I explore personal mythology, remembrance and relational dynamics. I am interested in the overlap of art and spiritual healing. I primarily utilize fibers and my work often takes the form of shrines as a conduit to memory, ancestors and past/future selves. I utilize daily drawing and journaling as an archival method, which I pull from to create collage like textiles. Imagery is translated into quilted tapestries and soft sculptures. Memory foam, felt patches, pom poms, machine and hand stitched appliqués are some of the materials I use within my work. Color, shape and pattern function as playful design elements to allure and invite viewers into my inner world.


Aruni Dharmakirthi is a Sri Lankan born, artist, educator and meditation teacher based in Brooklyn, NY. Aruni's work explores memory, alchemy and personal mythology through quilted tapestries and soft sculpture. Content and form are stitched together into works that resemble collage. Dharmakirthi received an MFA in Visual Studies from the Pacific Northwest College of Art in 2017. They completed a 200 hr meditation teacher training through Three Jewels a New York based nonprofit in 2022 and are currently studying 18 Foundational Buddhist Courses through the Asian Classics Institute. They have participated as an artist in residence at the Bric Workspace Residency (NY), Centrum Emerging Artist In Residence (WA), and Caldera PNCA MFA Residency (OR). They received an Equity Award by the American Craft Council to attend the Present: Tense 2019 conference in Philadelphia and the A4A production fund grant from Saskia Fernando gallery in Colombo, Sri Lanka.



Aruni Dharmakirthi

          Brooklyn, New York