Meet Yvonne Shortt 

Ms. Shortt is a social practice installation artist. The pieces she creates comes from what she's feeling living as an African American woman in her community.  The pieces question privilege, disability, race, equality.  Ultimately, she creates dialogue, action, and healing.  Ms. Shortt's current series African American Marbleization: An Act of Civil Disobedience is about celebrating people of color, their culture, and the objects they use.  The pieces are either fired in a kiln to create porcelain or cast in Marble Dust.  Sometimes Ms. Shortt incorporates other materials such as wood or steel. The clay she uses is sometimes harvested from creeks in her community and fired in a pit.  She's interested in texture, tactility, and process. Her sculpture wa unveiled to the public on June 6th in collaboration with NOosphere Arts


​​AnkhLave is excited to introduce you to our first AnkhLave Artist in Resident, Yvonne Shortt.  Yvonne is a sculptor who will be using the Kingsland Wildflowers in conjunction with Newtown Creek Alliance, and Noorsphere Arts as a studio space beginning in the month.  This will culminate in a new sculpture that will be presented during the summer 2021. This program was made possible with funding from Can'd Aid.