Brooklyn, New York, USA

Name / Company Name:
Artboyvision Artwork

Creative Discipline:

Primary Medium(s):
Water Solluible Oil Paints

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Artist Statement
The artist aims to express and grow with color and content that thrives to create emotionally inspired art that thrills the viewer at first glance. It is the hope that each visual's composition entices the senses with it's vibrance and motif. Each piece tells a story that may be recognizable to any viewer, or at least prompt the viewer to delve deeply into the visual monologue. These pieces do speak, feel, and long to be understood. With this knowledge the oils and brushes insist on giving the characters a platform to be seen and realized. So, up lifts the brush as it moves across the space of the canvas with the intention of giving life. IT'S ALIVE...IT'S ALIVE!! And it is worth hue.

Artist Biography:
Anthony grew up as an only child in a small central Missouri town. While attending college, where he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theater, he gained his first artistic experience as an assisting theatrical set artist under the mentor guidance of St. Louis Missouri's very own Elaine Harris. It was Elaine Harris who inspired him to embrace his primary blue gift for the brush and the oil medium. The glorious creative duo team of Andy Chambers and Alan Dunham taught him to think outside the box and embrace all aspects of creativity as well as take risks and explore further. Today Anthony continues to express himself and grow with color as he thrives to create emotionally inspired art that will thrill the viewer at first glance.