Visual Arts


I'm an Ecuadorian-American mixed-media artist residing in Queens, NY. I create artwork using recycled household waste either as inspiration or as materials in my artworks. I work primarily in painting, collage, and drawing. I use recycled materials in my artwork because it honors my upbringing. I learned from my grandparents how to be creative and maximize my resources to overcome necessity. I approach my household waste - like cardboard and plastic - the same way I was raised, by creating an environment that allows the humble materials to grow beyond its intended uses and possibilities. In my painting series, "Systems and Shapes," I use cardboard shapes created to protect objects when they are shipped. The cardboard shapes are the foundation to create the schema of the painting - sometimes directly tracing or projecting them on the canvas. My memories and imagination guide the color choice and compositions.

Angela Miskis (B. Guayaquil, Ecuador in 1987) is an abstract artist based in Queens, NY. She graduated from the School of Visual Arts (SVA) in 2013 with a degree in Visual and Critical Studies. Her honors include the Silas H. Rhodes scholarship (2011), the Visual and Critical Studies Scholarship (2013), which allowed her to study at the Leipzig International Art Programme (2014) in Leipzig, Germany as an artist in resident. Recently she was awarded a residency at ChaShaMa's ChaNorth International Artists Program (2019) in Pine Plains, NY, and ArtWorks Inc. Seminar Fellowship at the Jamaica Arts Center for Arts and Learning.


Queens, NY, U.S.A.