Bronx, NY, USA


Fine Artist

Acrylic Paint, Sculpture, Mixed Media, Collage, Printmaking


My life as a visual artist didn’t officially start until I attended Clark Atlanta University, though my friends might tell you I was the only Black girl in Junior High School doing Origami. I realized I had talent after attending F.I.T.’s Portfolio Day. I was accepted and graduated with a Bachelors in Fine Arts. I then attended S.V.A and graduated with a Masters of Art Education. I currently teach at a High School on the Lower East Side, Essex Street Academy. My early work was highly abstract without any content. I simply liked creating art for art sake. It wasn’t until I found my voice in my personal life that my artwork took on meaningful content. When I finally listened to my voice, it spoke about racism in Amerikkka. In my current work I have series of contextual works. The “N” word series includes mixed media paintings with repetition of the letter “N” and images of Black African Americans being attacked by police dogs. The Racist Products series contains a multitude of actual products sold in Amerikkka that depict racist imagery of Black African Americans. My latest work is heavily inspired my Basquiat and Picasso. I created my own re-creations of some of their works with my own spin to it. In Picasso’s “Weeping Woman” I created a drawing of a man instead; in my piece “Last Cry” the man represents all of Black African Americans pain throughout our oppressive history. I love the use of bright colors, using bold lines and shapes; representational and abstract. My artwork is a mirror reflection into my spirit, my thoughts and beliefs. I believe that art is like magic, we can alter, change, shift and provide feelings. Art can create a sense of awe; it allows people to see what is not there. I am a magical artist who is urged to change perspectives. 

A Queen was born in the aptly named borough; a twin and the only girl. She was named after her mother (Adrienne), her aunt who passed before her birth in a plane crash (Deborah) and her Father (West). Currently residing in the Bronx. Her interest in art started with a doodle while attending Clark Atlanta University. She can only remember taking one art class in elementary school. From doodles to the Fashion Institute of Technology, to the School of Visual Arts, to an art educator. Her mediums include, painting, mixed media, collage, drawing, sculpture and printmaking. She is inspired by the artists Basquiat, Picasso and Elizabeth Murray. Her work is inspired by life experiences within Black culture. She is passionate about voicing her communities' concerns in Amerika. She would like her work to engage the audience in uncomfortable conversations through visual aesthetics that are ironically beautiful.