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Katya Khan Statement I am an interdisciplinary artist, and I work at the intersection of visual art and landscape design. Through my practice, I seek to transform physical spaces into places that evoke a sense of belonging to, and connection with, the space, and with other people within that space. My previous work involved construction of temporary outdoor installations, collaborative building and design, and public space interventions, as well as creating tangible objects that encompass sculpture, painting, and collage. I use natural materials and found objects, among other media, and my work is often informed by public participation, such as interventions, workshops, and various collaborative endeavors. My primary subjects of interest include maps, genius loci, plants, vernacular design, and the multiple senses we use to navigate this world. My most recent project, Lost [Found] Landscapes, was conceived to document fragments of urban landscapes through digital drawings, mixed media reliefs, and sculpture.The project consisted of guerrilla street installations, documented in the project Instagram account, and culminated with a collaborative installation in the Garment District storefront provided through the Chashama Space for Artists program. Due to the deficit of accessible open space, and born out of the reality that some things cannot be solved by good design alone, my work often takes root in the cracks of the urban landscape. It might take the form of an alternative play space on a vacant city lot, appear in a pop-up show at a pending eminent domain, or manifest as a spontaneous street intervention.


Katya Khan Bio Katya Khan was born in Eastern Siberia. She studied fine art and environmental design at St.Petersburg State Academy of Art & Design, Russia, and Landscape Architecture at Cal Poly Pomona, CA. Her previous projects include a community-built play space with Side Street Projects in Pasadena, CA; an interactive installation for Figment Festival in Oakland, CA; street intervention at the Art in Odd Places Festival, New York, NY. Khan has received an Individual Artist ARC Grant from the Center for Cultural Innovation, Los Angeles, CA and an Individual Artist Grant from the City of Pasadena Arts & Culture Commission.


 Katya Khan

       Brooklyn, NY