We provide platforms for success to our Artists, including our Annual AnkhLave Juried Art Show, One Man Art Shows for featured Artists, Live Art Demonstrations and Art Tours, among other opportunities.

Ankhlave Arts Alliance is a NYC-based nonprofit organization (501(c)(3)) dedicated to advancing BIPOC artists in the contemporary art realm. Through our annual programming, including the AnkhLave Garden Project Fellowship, Curator in Residence, and Public Artist in Residence, we provide platforms for artistic expression and exchange. We believe in the transformative power of art as a catalyst for difficult conversations, fostering dialogue between diverse communities.

Our mission extends beyond traditional gallery spaces, as we strive to present programming in alternative public spaces within BIPOC communities. By doing so, we honor the Indigenous heritage of many BIPOC people and their diverse creative expressions, which encompass outdoor sculptures, performances, and displays in nature. Transforming spaces like botanical and community gardens into unexpected exhibition venues inspires curiosity and inclusivity.

We recognize the historical marginalization experienced by many communities within the BIPOC umbrella due to colonialism, where their homeland's artworks were taken and exhibited for non-BIPOC audiences. This disconnection can lead to a sense of otherness. Additionally, art history has traditionally been authored through the European gaze, omitting diverse experiences and perspectives from around the world. While contemporary art is gradually becoming more inclusive, there remains a need for increased representation to ensure BIPOC audience members feel included in the broader contemporary art discourse.

We believe that the most effective way to elevate BIPOC voices and the communities they represent is by bringing their artwork to the people in unexpected and accessible public spaces. By doing so, we maximize community engagement, foster nuanced perspectives, and work towards greater equity within society's cultural fabric.


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Annual ankhlave Garden Project​​

6 Fellows are selected each year for an opportunity to create and present work to the public in a public garden space, as an alternative creative space beyond the white walled gallery.

AnkhLave...like Enclave with an "Ankh"



We work with curators, referring our artists for shows as well as enabling guest curators to propose shows featuring our AnkhLave Artists. We also have our Curatorial Fellowship for emerging curators.