We provide platforms for success to our Artists, including our Annual AnkhLave Juried Art Show, One Man Art Shows for featured Artists, Live Art Demonstrations and Art Tours, among other opportunities.

Ankhlave Arts Alliance is a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) organization for the advancement of Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) artists in the contemporary art realm.  AnkhLave (that’s “Enclave” with an “Ankh”) is based in New York City, and produces annual programming including our AnkhLave Garden Project Fellowship Program, AnkhLave Curator in Residence, and the Ankhlave Public Artist in Residence. We believe art is an ideal platform for the exchange of ideas and perspectives.  Art allows people the opportunity to engage in conversations that can be difficult to confront, politically and socially, and opens the floor for conversations between people of diverse communities that may not have engaged otherwise. We believe art has the power to influence, change and even subvert culture in favor of more nuanced perspectives and for more equitable presence within the greater society. 

In keeping with our mission to facilitate exchange of ideas between and within communities, we seek to present programming beyond the traditional white-walled gallery space, and in alternative public spaces for the greater community to appreciate.  People under the BIPOC umbrella don't always see themselves in the art establishment as it was founded within the framework and ideological perspectives of European majority nations. For this reason, many BIPOC have felt left out of art spaces, despite anthropologists touting art as a cultural universal.  AnkhLave continues to present within and beyond this tradition  to increase visibility of art from BIPOC in whatever avenues necessary to change and broaden the landscape of the contemporary art world. We also continue to present art to the community beyond the the traditional gallery space.  


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A platform for artists underserved in the industry



Browse our artist registries featuring a growing number of contemporary artists from around the world helping to enrich the art world today!

Annual ankhlave Garden Project​​

6 Fellows are selected each year for an opportunity to create and present work to the public in a public garden space, as an alternative creative space beyond the white walled gallery.

AnkhLave...like Enclave with an "Ankh"



We work with curators, referring our artists for shows as well as enabling guest curators to propose shows featuring our AnkhLave Artists. We also have our Curatorial Fellowship for emerging curators.